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Conditional Access policies for Intune now available in Azure AD

Last Updated on March 24, 2018 by Oktay Sari

In a previous blog I explained how to configure and manage Conditional Access policies (CA) in Intune. Previously, you could manage CA policies in the classic Intune console, on the Intune App Protection (MAM) blade, and through the classic Azure AD. This concludes the move from v1 to v2as explained by the Intune Support team on their blog. The new Azure AD CA console brings several separate CA policy administration pages to one place. Keep in mind that existing CA policies configured in the Silverlight Intune admin portal or the Intune App Protection (MAM) blade in Azure are now read-only.

You might see the following message when going to the old location :

β€œApp based conditional access

App based conditional access is now a capability of Azure Active directory (Azure AD) that enables you to control how authorized users access your cloud and client apps……..”

App Based Condional Access

Old location in Azure portal:

Navigate to >Azure Portal> Intune App Protection section Conditional Access. From here you could configure Exchange and Sharepoint CA policies.

Conditional Access Intune App Protetction blade

New locations in the Azure portal

Now you can configure and manage your policies from two locations in the new Azure AD console.

Navigate to >Azure Portal> Intune >Conditional Access

Conditional Access Intune Blade

Navigate to >Azure Portal> Azure Active Directory>Conditional Access

Azure Active Directory Conditional Access Policies

Conditional access what if tool

One of the new options available is the CA What if tool (preview). The conditional access what if policy tool allows you to understand the impact of your conditional access policies on your environment before deploying the policy. It will evaluate a simulated sign-in of a user and estimates the impact this sign-in has on your polices and provide you with a nice report. Learn more about the what if tool.

You can find the what if tool on the Conditional access – Policies page in the Azure portal.

Conditional access What if tool


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